About Peter

Peter is a passionate wildlife and bird photographer, but he is also skilled in the fields of still-life, macro, landscape, creative (out-of-the-box) and portrait photography. In addition to his career as an IT Specialist and in his spare time, he also designed and developed a number of websites for himself and others.

He was born and raised in The Netherlands. In his youth we visited the dutch North Sea Islands and there his love for birdlife and the natural world started. After completing his studies, he ventured into a career as a computer specialist and his work took him to many places around the globe. His birding hobby turned into a passion. First as twitcher, but soon afterwards as photographer. With the advancement in digital photography and contact with other skilled and professional photographers, he was able to rapidly improve and expand his skills.

This website shows some of my work in my own bulletins and photo-galleries.
I am doing commissioned work in portrait, wedding and nature photography: contact me here.