August 12th, 2013

Macro Day

Rösti Rasp Reflection in Olive Oil

Yesterday we went to a macro workshop, organised by Markus Bissig. Markus is a gifted photographer and he also has a passion for cooking. Spending a lot of time in the kitchen, he ‘saw’ how simple objects could be used as great subjects for photography: in a macro kind of way. He uses an industrial studio in Uster, where some well-known kitchen tools are collected to be used in this great workshop. He, as he says it, has a fetish for the Rösti Rasp. With light, composition and a macro lens you can come to some surprising results. My favorite of yesterday was a setup whereby I positioned some olive oil drops on a mirror and reflected a red-lit rasp above the mirror. The images are somehow a bit abstract but there is a lot of fun involved making these kind of images. The result is shown above. More of the kitchen-macro images can be found here…

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