August 12th, 2013

Macro Day

Rösti Rasp Reflection in Olive Oil

Yesterday we went to a macro workshop, organised by Markus Bissig. Markus is a gifted photographer and he also has a passion for cooking. Spending a lot of time in the kitchen, he ‘saw’ how simple objects could be used as great subjects for photography: in a macro kind of way. He uses an industrial studio in Uster, where some well-known kitchen tools are collected to be used in this great workshop. He, as he says it, has a fetish for the Rösti Rasp. With light, composition and a macro lens you can come to some surprising results. My favorite of yesterday was a setup whereby I positioned some olive oil drops on a mirror and reflected a red-lit rasp above the mirror. The images are somehow a bit abstract but there is a lot of fun involved making these kind of images. The result is shown above. More of the kitchen-macro images can be found here…

July 29th, 2013

Fract Mills

Fractalius Mills of Kinderdijk

This weekend I have been playing with the new fractalius plugin for Photoshop-Elements. I have been experimenting a lot with birds and with buildings and this one came out quite well. Perhaps I find some setting that might even work for people, although revealing the eyes on humans is looking a bit weird :).

This image from the Kinderdijk windmills was created during our Netherlands tulip tour.
The original image is displayed below.

Early morning Kinderdijk
July 27th, 2013


Fractalius Swan

After much debate, I finally decided to take the route I should have gone long ago: get a fractalius plugin. But since I am a MAC user, this plugin is not available for a MAC installed copy of Photoshop. What I do have is a VMWare installed copy of Windows XP, where I occasionally use Breeze Browser to get some additional information from an image.
Today I purchased a copy of Photoshop Elements V11 and a license for the Fractalius plugin.
There has been much debate on the net as to why the developer of Fractalius does not release a copy of this plugin for the MAC community. However, I can relate the motivation(s) not to.

The above image is rendered with a glow100 filter, from the image below.
In an additional layer mask I revealed the eye and the bill from the below layer.
Shoot me an email if you have questions about the installation of VMWare, PS Elements or Fractalius on your MAC.


  • a license for VMWare for MAC is €50
  • a license for PS Elements V11 for Windows is €100
  • a license for Fractalius is $40
Mute Swan, Threatening Pose swim, Grün80, Basel
June 13th, 2013

Flamingoes of the Camargue

On our way to Spain, we made a stopover in the Camargue, at the Rhone Delta west of Marseille.
The images below are from two afternoon sessions. Click on a thumbnail to get a larger version of the image.

June 13th, 2013

Tulips and Windmills

A week spent in touristic Holland. Below a selection of images from my tour around Holland.
Click on a thumbnail to get a large version of the image.

April 6th, 2013


I have not been out much lately. But on occasion I did manage to make a few images on local weekend trips. This blog post summarizes the highlight images of these small outings. Click on each image to get a full version. Click on the full version to return.

Male Mute Swan in threat pose. Grün80, Basel Daivolezza, Piz Bernina. With ND filter. Female Common Merganser, Grün80, Basel.
Male Mute Swan in threat pose. Grün80, Basel Blue Tit, Morvan, France Great Tit, Morvan, France
Mushroom Table, Ascona, Switzerland Daivolezza, Piz Bernina, 4 minute night exposure. Female Redstart, with a spider.
Stone Houses, Lavertezzo, Switzerland Daivolezza, Piz Bernina. With ND filter. Diavolezza, Piz Bernina, Sunrise
Robin, Morvan, France Male Common Merganser, Grün80, Basel. Mute Swan Pair, Grün80, Basel.
February 18th, 2013


Chienbäse Cart

This time of year, the Basel area is in Fasnacht mode. As part of a local city custom, the city of Liestal in Switzerland organizes the ‘Chienbäse’-procession. A Chienbäse is a cart or a bundle of wood, set on fire. These carts and bundles are carried through the city in a procession. The intention of this procession is to break the power of winter and drive winter away. A bundle is carried by one person and could weigh upto 70kg: the most spectacular parts of the procession are the carts. They can carry as much as 4m3 of burning wood, often creating flames as high as 10meters. I will try and give an impression of one of these carts going through town in a follow up post. This post is a closeup of one of these large carts. I was app. 2 meters away from this inferno. My face was basically protected by my camera: the heat literally burns the skin.

See gallary below to view more images:
NB: click on an image in the gallery below to get a full size image and use the arrows below the large image to navigate.

December 5th, 2012

I Wish

Normally I glance over advertisements, but tonight Triodos Bank grabbed my attention with a TV commercial. A simple question: “what do you want to change ?”. A simple question. And I yelled: “I wish that rhino-horn becomes worthless”. The commercial appealed to go to their website and express your wish. I did and it was posted. I have no ties to this bank, but I was moved by their question and motivated to wish and do something.

Asian medicine is still convinced that rhino horn powder cures a wide variety of diseases and today their horn is valued more than gold. The animals are slaughtered in the African bush at an alarming rate. In South Africa alone, the number of animals wasted this year is somewhere near 600. To cure what ?

I wish that future generations can still watch this:

White Rhino, photographed in 2008 in Kruger National Park, South Africa
September 14th, 2012

Look & See, Part II

Zaanse Schans

On my last day of preparing for the Spring 2013 Wind-Mills & Bulbs IPT, I visited the Zaanse Schans and Marken. The weather was beautiful, sunny and fat white clouds.

Marken, Kerkbuurt

On Marken I photographed the ‘Kerkbuurt’ (church-knoll).

Ancient fisherman’s boat (Kwak)
Het Paard van Marken
September 10th, 2012

Look & See Holland IPT

Kinderdijk Netherlands

Currently I am driving through Holland to prepare for our Spring 2013 Mills & Bulbs IPT, organised in cooperation with BIRDSASART. My first visit today was at Kinderdijk and all the mills are still there 🙂 !
Tomorrow I will visit the Zaan area and Wednesday I will go to Marken. More news and more images in blog posts following.

Kinderdijk Netherlands