July 27th, 2013


Fractalius Swan

After much debate, I finally decided to take the route I should have gone long ago: get a fractalius plugin. But since I am a MAC user, this plugin is not available for a MAC installed copy of Photoshop. What I do have is a VMWare installed copy of Windows XP, where I occasionally use Breeze Browser to get some additional information from an image.
Today I purchased a copy of Photoshop Elements V11 and a license for the Fractalius plugin.
There has been much debate on the net as to why the developer of Fractalius does not release a copy of this plugin for the MAC community. However, I can relate the motivation(s) not to.

The above image is rendered with a glow100 filter, from the image below.
In an additional layer mask I revealed the eye and the bill from the below layer.
Shoot me an email if you have questions about the installation of VMWare, PS Elements or Fractalius on your MAC.


  • a license for VMWare for MAC is €50
  • a license for PS Elements V11 for Windows is €100
  • a license for Fractalius is $40

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